1997 Bacchus Live Road BLS-95 (SOLD)

Frets leveled, crowned and polished. Fretboard cleaned and inlays polished. Nut adjusted after fret level. Tuners cleaned and oiled with tri-lube. All hardware cleaned and polished. Body and plastics polished up as well. A beautiful 25 year old guitar that is ready to play!

Weight: 9lbs on bathroom scale

Neck Pickup: 14.93k, 34.12H / Bridge Pickup: 15.1k, 35.4H

Nut Width: 1.725″ / Thickness @ 1st fret: .864 / Thickness @12th fret: .949

2 thoughts on “1997 Bacchus Live Road BLS-95 (SOLD)

  1. I bought this guitar and finally received it. Wow this is perfect and the finish and fit and sound is awesome! Bacchus is an amazing guitar and the way it’s build. Mr. Marcelo is highly recommended seller and reliable! I would buy it again from his store!! Thank you and have a great day!

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