60’s Guyatone SG-M02 Gold Foil Pickups

$950 shipped

Fantastic sounding vintage gold foil pickups. They come with the original screws and plastic gaskets for the body. All original down to the orange piece of plastic that goes around the fake pole screws. They are in excellent shape for possibly being near 60 yrs old, however they are not mint. The neck pickup has some of the gold foil still left on the plastic material but the bridge has none left really as you can see. They have scratches here and there. What you see is what you get. They have been taken apart, cleaned, polished completely and tested. I think the Guyatone guitar that these came out of is from 1963 judging from the serial number found inside the body behind the control plate and is pictured below with the pickups during the restoration of the guitar. If you are looking for real vintage gold foils for your coodercaster or other custom project then look no further! Then neck measures 6.186k and the bridge measures 6.273k. Readings were taken @ 73 degrees room temp. You can buy these from my Reverb store or off my site for hundreds less if you e-mail me and pay with PayPal or Zelle. Thanks!